Meet the Team: Rob Weakley

Robert Weakely at INDUS Holdings Inc

For a man with so many balls in the air, Rob Weakley sure doesn’t mind adding a mid-afternoon interview to his plate.

“I thrive off of high stress work environments, anything fast-paced,” the co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Indus Holdings Inc. says in between phone calls at his company’s Salinas, California headquarters. “Whether it’s restaurants or hospitality, if I wasn’t doing this I’d still be doing something high energy and high stress.”

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How Diverse Backgrounds Drive Cannabis Industry Innovation

Indus Holding Inc Salinas California

The legal cannabis industry is too new to be defined by a hard-and-fast set of rules. With regulations constantly in flux and legalization in a small, but growing, number of states, the industry’s emerging leaders are proving to be as diverse as the products they’re creating. These idea generators and innovators come from backgrounds that defy the outdated perceptions of cannabis, with individual backgrounds that are far from uniform. 

Here are four cannabis industry players who established their game-changing reputations long before they started building a new American industry.

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How Civic Pride and Community Involvement is Bringing Cannabis Culture Out of the Shadows

Cannabis Industry Indus Holding Inc

The cannabis industry no longer operates on the fringes of society. Since the approval of California’s Prop 64 — greenlighting the state’s recreational cannabis market – there has been a surge in consumer interest in this new industry, much of it spurred by the positive impact of tax dollars in their respective communities.  Continue reading “How Civic Pride and Community Involvement is Bringing Cannabis Culture Out of the Shadows”