How to Take a West Coast Cannabis Vacation in Seven Days

How to Take a West Coast Cannabis Vacation in Seven Days


Summer is winding down, who’s up for one last road trip?

If you live by the YOLO mantra, this might be the perfect opportunity to take that cannabis-friendly vacation you’ve been promising yourself; the one that pays tribute to the communities that have been paving the way for the rest of the nation.

West Coast, baby.

Believe it or not, it’s possible to do a five-state road trip in a week. There will be a lot of driving involved, but there’s so much more freedom when you’re behind the wheel, as opposed to when you’re standing in boarding lines and wedged into an airline seat.

So, where will you go on your trip? Cannabis tourism is on the rise, so you’ve no shortage of choice destinations. Here’s how to start in the Northwest and work your way from Washington to Colorado in one week.

Day 1: Washington

Recreational cannabis went live in 2014 and Washington has been so much better because of it. For this trip, you’ll want to cross Seattle’s famed Winston House off your bucket list. The cannabis-friendly destination bills itself as the place where you can, “encounter the alternative, forward thinking, and artistic modus vivendi for which the Pacific Northwest is well-known.” 

After you check in, you’ll want to take in some of the sights around the Emerald City. If you’re looking for something that’ll really blow your mind, book a tour of Seattle’s “Underground” and see the buildings and passageways that exist underneath the city. Yes, part of Seattle was literally built on top of itself. 

Day 2: Oregon

Portland’s Jupiter Hotel became No. 1 in our hearts when it launched the 420 Package, billed as the first in the state. Once you check in, you’ll receive a “Munchie Kit” and the “Everything But the Weed Kit,” which includes a Jayne vape pen, Jayne lighter, Jayne grinder, raw rolling papers, a free shirt, and coupons to local dispensaries. There’s just one catch: Oregon law prohibits the smoking of cannabis at the hotel and any public place. It’s an obstacle, but surely not one that big enough to ruin your road trip.

Day 3: Northern California

The world’s largest cannabis economy deserves two days of enjoyment, so start by making your way down to San Francisco for a Green Guide Marijuana Tour. The company offers a number of walking and private bus tours, including the “Bud Crawl & Beers!” package and the “Pioneers of Pot” tour that highlights the “figures who fought vigorously to help legalize medical marijuana.” When you’re winding down your day and looking for a cannabis-friendly place to stay, the classic Victorian rooms of Noe’s Nest Bed & Breakfast come highly recommended.

Day 4: Southern California

If you’re heading south on Day 4, you may be tempted to explore Los Angeles, especially if it’s your first time. However, like Disneyland, you’ll never see it all in one day. In the interest of staying on schedule, might we suggest bypassing the City of Angels altogether and heading out toward the desert for a night at the Hicksville Pines Chalets & Motel in Idyllwild. The motel’s Room #420 is billed as the “only room where smoking is not only allowed, but encouraged.” Room #420 has a personal vending machine in the room, along with Xbox and a “sunken bed” that looks up at a “sea of blacklight posters and murals by King Tuff & Luke Thomas.” That’s a must-see. 

Day 5: Nevada

Leaving California, you’re looking at a lot of desert before you make it to your next destination. But it will be so worth it once you arrive in Las Vegas. The City of Entertainment offers just about everything you’ve ever wanted, from live music to sports to gaming. For canna-tourists, the Planet 13 mega-dispensary is worth checking out. The dispensary is located west of the Strip, just past the Fashion Show Mall and adjacent to the Erotic Heritage Museum. It’s Las Vegas, after all. But look at it this way, after picking up your favorite product you can tour the museum and see the “Peruvian Erotic Smoking Pipe” and other exhibits. When you’re ready to settle down for the night, you might inquire about accommodations at Clairbnb, the bed and breakfast conceived by “Pin Up” star Claire Sinclair, where they are “proudly 420 friendly!”

Day 6: Colorado

Leave Las Vegas early on Day 6, because it’s a long way to Colorado. It will take half-a-day to reach the birthplace of recreational marijuana in the United States, and between Las Vegas and Colorado, you’ll have to drive through Utah, which, let’s face it, is likely to be the last state to legalize any form of cannabis.

If you arrive late and just want to check in and chill out, we recommend the Adagio Bed and Breakfast, billed as the finest Bud+Breakfast venue in town. Who’s going to say no to this pitch?

A complimentary gourmet wake+bake breakfast is served daily. Guest can also partake in bottomless mimosas, coffee and teas. 4:20 happy hour appetizers will tickle the taste buds of a cannabis consumer. Munchies are always available, plus sweet treats around 8:00 pm. Please help yourself to complimentary beer and wine, which is offered throughout the day.

Day 7: Colorado Part 2

On your last day, after you’ve enjoyed your wake+bake breakfast, you’ll want to take in everything green around the Mile High City. You’ll want to hit up Colorado Cannabis Tours, they’ll show you the way around. The group offers more than a half-dozen different tours through grow facilities, dispensaries, breweries – you name it. If you really want to treat yo self, you’ll want to go in on the “Private Luxury” tour which includes two dispensary stops and your choice of three excursion options. Will you visit Red Rocks Amphitheater, do a live glass blowing demonstration, or visit one of Denver’s museums? You can actually choose all three, or choose from several others. The best part: you get to choose your mode of transportation. Will it be an Escalade luxury SUV, a luxury limo, or multiple vehicles for you and your friends?

Day 8: It’s Over, Go Home

You did it. You toured the cannabis capitals of the West Coast in one week. Time to rest and plan for next year.