4 Ways to Enjoy a Cannabis-Friendly Halloween

4 Ways to Enjoy a Cannabis-Friendly Halloween

Halloween Cannabis Jack-o-Lantern

As a kid, Halloween is always one of the best nights of the year, because you don’t think it gets any better than candy and costumes. Turns out, we were all wrong. When you grow out of trick-or-treating, that’s when the real fun begins, and thanks to the times we live in, Halloween gets better every year. With decriminalization and acceptance of cannabis-friendly lifestyles becoming the norm, you can make every Halloween one to remember, whether you’re throwing a party or celebrating solo.

Here are four ways to enjoy a cannabis-friendly Halloween:

Pass a tray of can’t-miss cannabis treats

Munchies are a must for any Halloween party, and you can entice your guests to stay awhile with a tray of treats – homemade or from your favorite dispensary. “Medicated Macaroons” and “Edible Eyeball Cake Pops” are the perfect complement to your Halloween theme, or, you might choose to do the cooking yourself. A simple online search will bring recipe results for some at-home enhanced treats, such as Roasted Pumpkin Seeds and Caramel Apples. Brownies might seem too basic, but they don’t have to be, as cannabis chefs are always perfecting new brownie recipes. If you’re stuck in a bind and need to make a last minute dispensary run, we recommend the award-winning Altai Brands. Just be sure to break these treats out at an adults-only party, or long after the kids have been put to bed.

Get creative with your 420-themed costume

This is a tricky one, because no one wants to embrace the stereotype and buy into the “stoner” costume theme that you see on the racks of every Halloween store. Sure, if there’s someone in the game who has earned your respect – Willie Nelson, Tommy Chong, Towelie from South Park – you can easily find clothing and accessories to emulate your heroes. But Halloween is about pretending your someone you’re not, so try and mix it up while staying true to yourself. Better yet, come up with your own cannabis-friendly accessories, like a homemade pumpkin bong

Cannabis Halloween Costume Idea: “Free Cannabis”
(Source: Loverevolution333 [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons)

Find a ‘Halloweed’ celebration in your town

If you live in a cannabis-friendly state, you should have no trouble finding a “Halloweed” party in your city. Keep a couple of things in mind, however. Some parties are members-only, so be sure to read the fine print before you throw on your costume and leave the house. Also, commit to taking rideshare or a cab. We shouldn’t have to remind you, but it doesn’t hurt. By the way, we’ve already found you some links to cannabis-friendly happenings in Seattle, Denver, Las Vegas, and Santa Cruz, California.

Stay home and celebrate with cannabis-friendly flicks

When it comes to choosing the perfect horror film for your Halloween, you can go a lot of ways. Here are some suggestions, with mild spoilers:

Cabin In the Woods – It’s a stereotype that in horror movies, the stoner character always gets killed. But director Drew Goddard’s 2012 horror-comedy turns the genre on its head, and you’ll find yourself rooting for underdog stoner Marty Mikalski (Fran Kranz).

Reefer Madness – The famed 1936 propaganda film tried to convince audiences of the “horrors” of marijuana use. For a Halloween gag, you could try and buy into what they’re selling. That kind of thinking will scare you, for sure.

Cannabis Halloween Movie: “Reefer Madness”
(Source: Louis J. Gasnier [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons)

Evil Weed – Something goes very wrong when friends in a remote country house try an unusual strain of unicorn weed. Things get violent and bloody, hence the word “evil” in the title.

Evil Bong – Like the aforementioned Evil Weed, this film delves into the horrors of smoking from an evil bong. We’re not talking horror classics here, in fact, this film was followed by annual sequels, including Evil Bong 2: King Bong, Evil Bong 3D: The Wrath of Bong, Evil Bong 420, Evil Bong High-5!, Evil Bong 666, Evil Bong 777, and a crossover film with Gary Busey’s Gingerdead Man franchise. Hey, if you start early enough on October 31, you might be able to marathon the whole series.

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