Celebrate the Season with the Cannabis Holiday Gift Guide

Celebrate the Season with the Cannabis Holiday Gift Guide

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Holiday gifting can be daunting, but when shopping for the cannabis lover in your life, we’re inclined to think it gets a bit more fun. From the upscale to the sultry, we’ve rounded up a collection of canna-centric gifts that are certain to please.

For Your Posh Pot Pals

For your “high-end” friend, who knows the importance of making a good impression, we recommend gifting the book Higher Etiquette: A Guide to the World of Cannabis from Dispensaries to Dinner Parties by Lizzie Post, the great-great-granddaughter of the original queen of etiquette, Emily Post. While Higher Etiquette holds more utility for the cannabis-newbie, any canna connoisseur can appreciate the positive tone of the book and its commitment to normalizing cannabis use.  

For a classy solution to weed storage, you can’t go wrong with this elegant porcelain Jonathon Adler Druggist Weed Canister. No more hiding a decades-old stash box, this gorgeous piece is something any cannabis user will want to keep on display. And for a vape experience that makes you look as good as it makes you feel, we highly recommend Beboe’s Sativa Vape Pen. The champagne gold casing is sleek and sexy while the “socially-dosed” sativa and CBD blend creates an uplifting high, perfect for enjoying while on the social scene.

For the Culinary + Cannabis Lover

Cooking and cannabis go hand-in-hand. If you have a friend who genuinely enjoys their time in the kitchen and is looking for more complex recipes than your standard pot brownies found online, Bong Appétit: Mastering the Art of Cooking with Weed is a must. Dubbed the “Joy of Cooking for a new generation interested in making serious, sophisticated food–with weed”, the cookbook provides delicious recipes but also offers dosage information, pairing strains and flavors, and other tips along the way. The book is based on the popular television series Bong Appétit from VICELAND, currently streaming on Hulu, which also makes a great subscription gift. To help your friend get started on their culinary adventures, Pantry’s cannabis-infused olive oil from Canadian cannabis pioneer Paul Rosen makes for a great stocking stuffer.

cannabis gifts for the culinary lover
L to R: Bong Appétit Cookbook, Bong Appétit Television Series on Hulu, Pantry Cannabis-Infused Olive Oil

For the Adventure Seeker

Sometimes, being treated to the perfect getaway is better than finding something under the tree. If you live in, or are planning a trip to, a state with legal recreational or medical marijuana, you can search online for activities, such as cooking classes, dispensary tours, conferences, networking events, and even “pot and paint” parties. Treat your friend to a special getaway or enjoy one together. Try potguide.com and you’ll find event listings for more than two dozen states.  

For Your Most Stressed-Out Friend or the Spa Enthusiast

Whether it’s stress related to year-end work deadlines, Secret Santa parties, holiday travel, the pressure of holiday gifting, or ongoing stress from the tasks of daily life, just about anyone can appreciate the opportunity to unwind. CBD spa treatments are popping up nationwide so why not make a weekend getaway of it and try one of these six CBD spa treatments worth traveling for. Or bring the spa to you with Humble Flower’s Essentials Collection, a powerful trio of nourishing and luxurious hemp-CBD body care products. The elegant new branding makes the products as fun to have on your shelf as on your skin. Just in time for the holidays, Humble has launched an updated online shopping experience and can also be found in select Anthropologie stores throughout California and Oregon. For more immediate stress relief, consider gifting Beboe’s Downtime Indica Pastilles, offering “more chill, less pill;” an easy and enjoyable way to unwind in a pinch.

L to R: CBD Spa Treatment, Humble Flower Co Essentials Collection, Beboe Downtime Pastilles

For the Frisky, Flirtatious Friend

If you’re shopping for an intimacy gift, make sure to check out Her Highness NYC, an Indus Agency Brand, specializing in “products and potions inspired by and engineered by women.” These premier purveyors of female-forward CBD couture offer a topical Pleasure Oil in THC and CBD blends. Pair that with the High Priestess vape pen kit and you have the ideal bedroom combination. If you’re simply in search of a stocking stuffer, don’t miss the  collection of sexy paraphernalia, including a luxury grinder, lip service ashtray, or sleek refillable lighter.

sexy cannabis gift ideas
L to R: Pleasure Oil, Vape Pen, and Luxury Grinder from Her Highness NYC

So, there you have it, a freshly curated gift list that will please any cannabis lover in your life. Need more ideas? Consider a product from one of Indus’ award-winning brands.