New Year, New You: How to Combine Cannabis with Your Fitness Routine

New Year, New You: How to Combine Cannabis with Your Fitness Routine

cannabis and fitness

Cannabis and Fitness

While cannabis culture has long embraced the physical and mental health benefits of the plant, curious and entrepreneurial minds are just scratching the surface when it comes to exposing the mainstream public to the ever-expanding uses for THC and CBD products. Each time a barrier to legalization comes down – most recently on January 1 in Illinois – a new segment of consumers is learning how cannabis can positively impact everything from cancer recovery to cooking and, even exercise.

“When I am using cannabis intentionally for my fitness, it allows me to understand my body and its movement so much more,” explains Matt Callans, Chief Operating Officer of Shredibles CBD-infused protein bars.

Having long recognized that cannabis makes exercising less painful and more pleasurable, Callans, alongside co-creator and Chief Executive Officer Roddy Hanson, sought to design a product that enhances fitness recovery by reducing pain, inflammation, and anxiety.

“Cannabis has many beneficial recovery properties,” Hanson says. “The right mixture of THC and CBD will decrease inflammation immensely, and with a variety of products on the market today you can really tailor it to your specific recovery needs.”

“Cannabis and fitness go hand-in-hand with me.”

– Roddy Hanson, Shredibles CEO

Shredibles CBD Protein Bars

Since launching in 2017, Shredibles has been embraced by several notable athletes and artists — Joshua Berovides, Giovanni Messina, Leticia Esparza, Parker Hurley, and Conor McHugh, among them – and with less than a quarter of the U.S. population getting the recommended amount of exercise every week, Callans and Hanson are part of a movement toward fitness-focused cannabis products that can fuel the unmotivated masses to leave their homes and fulfill their collective New Year’s resolutions.

Q&A with Roddy Hanson and Matt Callans

In a conversation with Indus Holdings, Inc., Callans and Hanson discussed how they incorporate cannabis into their workouts, how THC and CBD impact their motivation, and how it benefits their pre and post-gym routine.

Indus: What’s your preferred method of consumption pre and post workout?

Matt Callans: Pre-workout: Sativa joint. Post-workout: Indica or hybrid joint, edible, or topical cream.

Roddy Hanson: I actually smoke a Sativa or Sativa hybrid dominant strain right before I work out, which enhances my mind to muscle connection drastically and keeps my heart rate at a safer level even if I am doing intense training.

“The main reason I supplement cannabis with my fitness routine is because it strengthens the mind/body connection immensely.” 

– Matt Callans, Shredibles COO

Indus: What does your body tell you when you’re in the midst of a cannabis-infused workout?

Roddy Hanson: I feel more in tune with my body and having music while I work out after smoking makes it the most enjoyable part of my day and a massive stress reliever. It is almost a meditative state I get in while exercising, along with increased creative flow.

Matt Callans: When I am using cannabis intentionally for my fitness, it allows me to understand my body and its movement so much more. I’m able to really isolate and focus on different muscle groups during my workouts and I typically don’t fatigue as quickly. Not to mention it just makes the whole experience more enjoyable. 

Indus: So many people make resolutions to work out and then they lose motivation. How does cannabis impact your motivation?

Matt Callans: The combination of cannabis, loud music, and movement is genuinely one of my favorite things in the world. For people who struggle to find motivation to get to the gym, I would highly recommend supplementing cannabis before their workouts and finding some music to jam to throughout.

Roddy Hanson: Your thoughts are elevated and at the same time your body releases endorphins which gives a very positive feeling. For me this increases confidence, creativity and happiness that goes way beyond the gym and into my personal and work life.

Matt Callans: I am never unmotivated to work out because it is usually my favorite part of the day. It makes the process of getting in shape so much fun and gets me into a flow that is honestly indescribable. 

Indus: How often do you work out?

Roddy Hanson: I typically workout 6 days per week and try to mix it up between compound lifting, body weight training, basketball, skateboarding and yoga. This keeps it entertaining and makes me more well-rounded athletically. 

Matt Callans: I try to take a very rounded approach towards my fitness. Building strength is important, but flexibility and mobility is equally important. I go to the gym every day, often times twice. Although most days I am doing full body workouts, I try to alternate days between pushing and pulling exercises; doing this allows me to keep my muscle progression symmetrical.

Indus Holdings: How does cannabis impact your recovery?

Matt Callans: THC and CBD help a lot with muscle inflammation and increased blood flow. Because of this, using cannabis before or after a workout can help ensure that you won’t be as sore the following day, giving you the ability to train at a high level every day.

Roddy Hanson: Risk of injury is much lower when you use cannabis. Most injuries are caused when muscles and joints are too tense and pushed beyond their limit, with cannabis you are less likely to have that happen.

Matt Callans: It also helps regulate your sleep cycle and aids your ability to fall asleep. Sleep and rest are just as important for your health as exercise and movement. 

Indus: So, if you had to create a step-by-step plan for combining cannabis with an exercise routine, how would that go?

Matt Callans: First, I use Sativa before the gym to get my mind and body active and in the zone. Second, use Indica or edibles after the gym, or before bed, for recovery. Third, find a topical THC/CBD cream for sore muscles.

Roddy Hanson: Pre-workout would be Sativa or Sativa dominant hybrid, usually in the form of a joint. Post-workout I go for a CBD protein bar. If I am really sore and feel like I need a deeper rest I will actually eat a THC-CBD edible a couple hours before I plan to go to sleep,

Indus: And what about someone combining the two for the first time? What’s your advice?

Roddy Hanson: The most important thing to do is to understand what works with your body so I would suggest experimenting with some different strains and products and find what is the best fit depending on your desired result.

Matt Callans: Find a strain of sativa that you like and smoke a little bit before you go to the gym. Some of the strains that I love are from Cypress Cannabis, one of Indus’ house brands. Post-workout or before bed, you should get yourself an edible or smoke an Indica joint to knock out. Sativa pre-gym, Indica post-gym, choose some strains that work for you and enjoy!