Tips for Introducing Cannabis into Your Romantic Life

Tips for Introducing Cannabis into Your Romantic Life

cannabis and sex

As legalization continues to create “coming out” moments in which cannabis users proudly yank the towel back from under the door and declare themselves part of the marijuana movement, the mainstream is finally getting a glimpse at what happens in the most intimate of places.

Spoiler alert: Cannabis does wonders in the bedroom.

That news is no surprise to cannabis culture, but for traditionalists who feel their romance has become repetitive, it can be a revelation. There’s plenty of research that shows the positive benefits of cannabis for partners and those practicing self-love, including longer sessions, more intense orgasms, and an overall increase in sexual satisfaction.  

You shouldn’t read that as a reason to hit your nearest dispensary and stock up on whatever’s available. Just like everything in life, moderation is essential, and when it comes to cannabis, you have to be very specific about what you want; and if you’re sharing the bedroom with a partner, you must consider that person’s feelings and desires.

We’re all adults here, so we don’t mind sharing some tips for introducing cannabis into your bedroom activities.

Start by introducing cannabis into masturbation

Like Jim’s dad says, masturbation is a perfectly normal thing with a number of personal benefits, including reduced stress and a greater understanding of your own body. If you’re considering adding cannabis to your sexual adventures, try it first when you’re alone and then explore the effect that it has on your body and your self-love routine. Like any new addition to the bedroom, it’s essential that you know what works, what doesn’t, and what to expect when you try it with a partner.

THC and CBD infused lube can be lovely

The cannabis market has moved so far beyond pre-rolls and edibles that you can find THC and CBD-infused products that are good for practically any activity in your life, including sex. Many oils and lotions are ideal for getting your body into a relaxed state, while others are specifically created for sex. Though you’ll have to wait a bit for your body to absorb THC or CBD lube, you can expect an enhanced experience, especially around the areas where you’ve applied it. Be aware that THC lube can make you high (and for many, that’s the point) if it’s in play during oral sex.

Choosing the best weed strain for sex can make a world of difference

Can’t sleep without your favorite edible? Need a specific Sativa strain to focus during the workday? When it comes to cannabis, all of our routines seem to revolve around a personal favorite. Sex, however, is different. You want to feel entirely in the moment, and not too relaxed that you can’t keep your eyes open. Do some research and revert back to the aforementioned self-love recommendation in order to determine which strain is ideal for the sex you’re looking to have. Indica and Sativa strains have very different effects on your orgasm, so the more you know, the better.

Try micro-dosing for more control

If you’re new to cannabis in the bedroom, or if you simply prefer a sexual experience with less of a high, you might consider micro-dosing beforehand. A 5mg THC or 3mg CBD product, such as Beboe Pastilles, can keep your body in a relaxed state without the psychoactive effects that would come with a higher dose. It’s all about you and your partner’s pleasure, so there’s no need to overdo it when you don’t have to.

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