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When did you first tell your parents you smoked weed? Or that you sell legal weed? Do do they know yet? Do they enjoy it with you? Bringing our parents along for the legalization ride can prove interesting. via @nytimes @Julie_Weed

Last week, the State of Illinois rang in the New Year with the sale of legal cannabis and by clearing 11,017 misdemeanor convictions for possession of less than 30 grams of cannabis with an estimated 116,000 more to come. via @NBCNews #illinoiscannabis

We believe in you South Dakota! #SouthDakota #LegalizeIt

Looking to create a new you in the new year? Get inspired by our recent interview with Roddy Hanson and Matt Callans, founders of Shredibles CBD Protein Bars, and cannabis-fitness enthusiasts. 🏋️🌿 #IndusHoldingsInc $INDS.c $INDXF

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